Perkins Generator Set.jpeg

Lister Petter Diesel Generator LP Series

6 kVA up to 15 kVA Diesel Generators (1Ph) Single Phase

Perkins Generator Set.jpeg

Lister Petter Diesel Generator ALP Series

8 kVA up to 20 kVA Diesel Generators (3Ph) Three Phase

UK Design | UK Manufactured | UK Quality 


All our generators go through a high quality control process, the canopies and base frames being a major part that determine the life of your investment hence we made sure you get for what you deserve, all Prime Power Generators are...


✅ UK Zink Quoted 

✅ UK Powder Coated 

✅ Made From UK Steel


All components are...


✅ UK Sourced Perkins Engines 

✅ UK Sourced Stamford Alternators

✅ UK Sourced Deepsea Control Panels

✅ UK Made ATS Panels (ABB Only)

✅ UK Made Wiring Looms 

✅ UK Made Canopies 

✅ UK Made Base Frames


Made UK Qualified & Trained Engineers and Design TEAM, Built by a 70 year old experienced multiple award winning factory 🏭 

We specialise in Perkins Generators | Lister Petter Generators | Cummins Generators | Baudouin Generators Fully UK Designed & Manufactured.


Robust | Reliable | Durable