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Our Services

PWRBOX has experience in manufacturing generators for various applications, using a dedicated production line ensures the products are designed and produced as per your requirements, whether you are in the UK or overseas.


PWR Generators are one of the most innovative Diesel Generator manufacturers in terms of bespoke or customer built generator solutions. Our standard Diesel Generators are designed and built to meet the needs of most applications, but some applications require special consideration and are designed with this in mind.


PWR Generators is an independent company which means we can sit down with our clients and their end users to build and design the best solution which meets their individual needs. Some bespoke or customer built upgrades that we have helped our clients with…

  • Remote monitoring via SMS & web base

  • Remote start with 10-50m cable looms

  • 24 and 48 hour integral and external base fuel tanks

  • Control panel upgrades to suit specific applications

  • Tailor made acoustic canopies

  • Super silent canopy solutions

  • DC generators solutions

  • Heating / Hot Water

  • Air Conditioning

  • Full Off Grid Power Solutions Made to Suite Your Requirements 

Off Grid Solutions .jpg


We manufacture a range of automatic transfer panels which, when used together with your generator and control panel, facilitates a complete automatic mains failure (AMF) system. This provides an emergency supply from the generator in space of a mains supply failure. Transfer of supply between mains and generator is achieved using a 3 pole or 4 pole motorised change-over switch.


All switches can be operated manually using the supplied handle if required. We manufacture in-house from 25A – 6300A using ABB and European MCCB’s and ACB’s and can manufacture

both Automatic Transfer Switches and Manual Transfer Switches.


Using synchronising kits, our generators have the capability to be synchronised together with up to 32 generators. Synchronising two or more generators together has a number of advantages.

Such as sharing the load with the main grid or to help servicing your generators whilst still ensuring full supply of power.


PWR Generators offers a range of remote monitoring solutions which allow you to monitor and operate your product from anywhere in the world.


Offering key features such as:


  • Remotely start the generator using a computer, mobile device and/or tablet.

  • Real time running alarms including, fuel levels, running

  • hours, engine start and stop and voltage parameters.

  • GPS tracking.

  • Easy set up with free software and no yearly subscriptions.



Our tower hybrid systems are free standing and are tailored to work with your existing system or a PWR Generators manufactured Diesel generator.


The complete system is built into a high quality ABB tower box, this ensures everything is compact and in once place. The PPS hybrid tower system can be located anywhere you desire, meaning you can save room in your residential property or business premises.


Each tower can fit 16 monbat AGM batteries and a Victron inverter, giving you 20kw usable power from each tower. By using Victron inverters we can sync up to ten PWR Generators tower Hybrid systems, giving you 200kw of hybrid power.


All of our tower hybrid systems can be tailored to suit your requirement, they are

tested and manufactured to give you the very best performance from your system.

Our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you to the correct solution.

As well as stocking a huge range of PWR Diesel generator parts, our PPS essential parts division supplies

parts for all major brands and can dispatch them anywhere in the world– 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


A well-planned service and maintenance program is essential to the operation of any power generation system. Our servicing team and appointed dealers will advise you towards the best package, which is tailored towards you and your budget.


Our 24/7 phone line is there to communicate with you every step of the way and our technical team is always on hand.

All parts are 100% genuine to give you the best performance, minimal delay and longevity from your generator.

Not only do we manufacture UK power products we also offer a UK service as-well.

PWR Generators work with internationally renowned parts suppliers such as Perkins, Cummins, , Scania, Volvo, Stamford, Meccalte and Deep Sea Electronics. Our suppliers have coverage in all four

corners of the globe to ensure that our global customers receive the same service and support

as our UK customers.

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