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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Dear Customers, Followers...

In March we saw in South Africa that nowadays it is going through a difficult time and being subjected to what we know as Load Shedding, which is what grids do to avoid excessive load on the grid, this predicts a great demand in the generators, from the rentals to the equipment’s sale. we took the opportunity to contact many dealers in Johannesburg and are currently negotiating dealer terms with them and hopefully you will also have access to reliable power generators in a market that is currently flooded with genesis made in China which we wont go in to detail on but im sure you all know the deal there....

We would also like to shed some light on the unfortunate event that occurred in Mozambique this year, and wish to give all our support not just to Mozambique but also to the people that are now going through such a difficult time. We know that all the help is coming but slowly, but we’ve been giving all our support to Mozambique with the fast delivery of gensets so if you have a requirement in Mozambique get in touch with us on and we will do all in our power do get you furnished with generators fast....

March came with the Springs arrival and nothing better than to flourish the relationship with our partners.

During April we have the goal to develop the Export Range of our super reliable Perkins Generators, with the introduction of several options and robustness to a product that with the UK/European rules and regulations it will have a rise internationally.

We will still travel and visit our partners from other countries to do training that will serve to guarantee technical and commercial skills in one of the most developed countries where business is the focus.

Have a blessed week and don't forget to get in touch...

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