How to Choose the Right Diesel Generator For Your Business?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The world is in the clutches of poor quality, high emissions, heavy on fuel diesel generators, mainly built in China....

The No.1 country that has no regard to quality and is only interested in producing a quantity of mostly poor quality copied engines...

Think of it this way, why do we buy European & Japanese cars? China produces cars like hot cakes too! There is a reason for this... the two main factors are Quality & Reliability! This obviously comes at a cost, hence you will find UK Built Diesel Generators to be slightly more expensive then the Chinese competitors....

What are Diesel Generators?

Standby Power Generation provide diesel powered generators. Diesel generators are a versatile and cost effective way of providing backup power in case of a power outage. Compared to gasoline, propane and LP gas generators, diesel generators are safer to use and to store as it is less flammable and explosive.

Diesel generators are used in many industries from retail, offices, factories, hospitals, datacentres and other services, because of their outstanding reliability, cost effectiveness and flexibility. 


A train or a tram service can be disrupted from a power outage and can create unnecessary problems such as financial losses and irritated customers.

However with the help of diesel generators it can supply emergency power to back up the operation which is useful for any business that involves the public.

Hospitals / Veterinary Hospitals

Power is extremely important to hospitals, especially when peoples lives can be affected. Life support machines and basic operations must be continuous, and must have a supply of continuous power, and with a power outage occurs it can stall the operations.

Veterinary hospitals also need a continuous supply of power. Diesel generators can help to provide instant backup power in case of a power outage and can help to continue necessary operations.


Datacentres also need emergency backup power during a blackout as they need to continue operations and protect electronic equipment.

A diesel power backup generator automatically turns on in case of power failure and shuts off when power is restored, this is a basic need for datacentres.

Retail Outlets / Offices / Factories

A power outage will prevent most retail outlets, offices and factories from functioning, having a solution in place either by having a generator installed or a service such as our Emergency Power Plan will ensure that you are backup and running quickly with minimal disruption.


For homes that experience frequent power cuts a diesel generator can be a lifeline, with auto start facilities when a power cut occurs the generator will have your home powered again within seconds.

We are a leading suppliers of critical backup power systems for utility companies, major airports, government agencies and the healthcare industry. Here are some examples of the key industries we supply to:

Airports Antarctic survey stations Banks and finance Data Centres Electricity grids Emergency servicesGovernment agencies Hospitals Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Research laboratories Sports stadiums Telecoms Water authorities

Our Perkins Powered diesel generators are provided for base load power, emergency/standby power, and peak lopping/exporting. Our CPS Diesel Generators are supplied in single or multiple configurations and are custom designed:

The Difference Between Made in The UK & Made In China!

Lets be honest, we all know China can mass produce and pretty much copy any brand and supply copies for a fraction of the price, so you must ask, what is the difference?

Well it is very simple! the three key factors why our customers come to us over and over again are...


These three factors make the difference and we supply these without breaking you bank accounts...

Due to various loop holes there are companies out there registering companies in the UK that are then owned by other companies also registered in the UK.

But when you dig deeper you find that the company is actually owned by someone living in China.

This in principle is not a crime however, some would argue it to be a non ethical practice.

The most worrying thing is, but when dig deeper you will also notice they do not have any presence of a factory in the UK and are just using a virtual office and are shipping generators directly from other locations, NOT the UK....

So what to look for when buying a genuine UK designed and manufactured diesel generator?

  1. Check the company is indeed registered in the UK, this you can do here:

  2. Make sure the directors are actually UK residents or own a manufacturing factory in. the UK! this can easily be done via the same company house check or simply. contact the UK chamber of commerce...

  3. Always ask for a certificate of origin for the Engine and Alternators BOTH!!!

  4. Ask to provide the address of the factory and go visit if you can.

  5. Check the serial numbers of on the Engine, and check them on the Perkins Website: Click here

Things to look for when buying a Diesel Generator from the UK

You will find a vast majority of generators supplied to hot climate countries are not optimised for tropical temperatures, this could cause issues in the long run.

When buying a Diesel Generator It is vital you check that the power generator you buy from your suppliers are NOT UK specification, they must be export specification with tropical radiators.

Here is a list of the most important things to bear in mind:

  1. Calculate the Load size - First things first, what equipment will the generator be running? Make a list of everything you need to power and add up the total wattage.

  2. CONVERT KW TO kVA - Generators are rated in kilo-volt-amperes (kVA). kVA is a measure of apparent power: it tells you the total amount of power in use in a system

  3. DEFINE YOUR RUNNING REQUIREMENTS - Will the generator be a standby measure or your primary power source?

  4. ANALYSE SITE CONDITIONS AND ACCESS - Is it going to be a soundproof generator or an open type generator as it will be in a room or a warehouse.

It is not only important to have tropical radiators, you also need to have extra airflow, we at PPS call it CoolFlow©, this helps the generator stay cool at extremely high temperatures.

We also advise to check the wiring thickness as in hot temperatures you could possibly face melting of cables, some sets we tested with ATS panels failed to start due to this issue when the thickness of the wiring was not sufficient between the ATS and Diesel Generator to pass the signal.

There are many facts regarding diesel generators based on their nature, their uses & reliability etc. While some of these facts are true there are a few misconceptions about diesel generators still relevant among many people. Some of these false statements are listed below.

In today’s world we live in, the innovative technology used in the manufacture of diesel generators and the new standards for diesel fuel have made diesel generator run wit less noise than their previous models. Modern generators are designed in such a way that they are quieter whilst still providing a significant amount of power, this means you do not have to worry as much about sound pollution and its effects. Many diesel generators also have an acoustic surpresant cover AKA canopy to further reduce noise pollution.

Some people think diesel generators will break down frequently, make all sorts of sounds while starting or need repeated calls for repairing damaged parts etc. todays Generator manufacturers nowadays are very cautious regarding this. specially UK Manufactured Diesel Generators are built to last.

We at PPS/CPS always fully test the status of the diesel generators and will not sell them if they fail to provide the expected service. PPS/CPS Generators will not disappoint you regarding any of our generators or services. We always make sure that our customers are being offered the very best diesel generators with that will live up to their specifications and last.

This is a also a very common misconception among people. it is true that older Perkins Generators use to be smelly, smoky and they emitted very toxic gases which led to air pollution. The latest developments in technology have solved this problem by reducing pollution and being much more efficient and less pollutant.

We offer a wide selection of diesel generators in a wide selection of sizes both open and canopied and from a range of manufacturers to help you find the solution for your requirements. If you can't see the right generator please let us get in touch and our team will help you find what you need.

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